Students learn sounds and letters in our journey to become readers and writers. We learn number awareness. We learn to skip count by 2, 5, 10, and 100. We learn odd and even numbers, geometric solid shapes, polygons, measuring in inches and centimeters, money, adding and subtracting. Science includes studying plants, animals, ecosystems, human body, the solar system, and more. In social studies, we learn about our neighborhood, jobs people do, weather, the continents and oceans and features of the earth, maps, and good citizenship. In Bible class, we learn stories from the Bible like Queen Esther and King David. We sing and learn how much Jesus loves us. We learn to follow directions and get along with each other. 



Come join us as we explore the world around us!



  • Bible - Stepping Stones, Social/Emotional/Problem solving skills
  • Language Arts - Reading A-Z, Stepping Stones, KINDERWriting Curriculum, Unlocking the Reading Code
  • Math - Big Ideas
  • Science - Stepping Stones
  • Social Studies - Stepping Stones
  • Art, music, and PE
  • Formal Assessment - All students are assessed three times a year using DIBELS. Students in grades K-10 take the NWEA Maps assessments three times each year.




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